Psychology Major Rationale

Twelve units consisting of 3 units of required core courses, 5 units of breadth courses in the department, 2 units of departmental capstone credit, and 2 units of supporting coursework in disciplines other than psychology.

The core courses ensure that each student has a thorough understanding of key issues and concepts in the discipline, as well as methods used by research psychologists. A course drawn from each of four clusters l.b.-1.e. ensures that each student will complete a breadth course in each of the primary subfields of psychology.

An additional elective in psychology, chosen from courses offered at Beloit College (1. a-1.j) or elsewhere, gives students more flexibility to achieve breadth.

Capstone courses at the 300-level, including advanced topics seminars, practicum experiences, and senior thesis (for invited students), offer opportunities to explore more focused topics in depth and to apply skills gained throughout the major to experiences outside the classroom.

Supporting courses from outside the department ensure that each student explores other disciplines that investigate questions about mind and behavior.

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