Engineering Physics Major

  1. Seven physics departmental units:
    1. Physics 101, 102, 210, 330, 335, 340, and 345.
  2. Four engineering program units:
    1. Engineering 105, 220, 330 (.5), 340 (.5), 381 (.5), and 382 (.5).
  3. Supporting courses (4 units): Mathematics 110 or 113, and Mathematics 115, 201, and 290.

  4. Engineering Physics majors planning to attend graduate school in physics are strongly urged to take all of the core 300-level physics courses (330, 335, 340, 345, and 350); and Mathematics 275.

  5. Students are strongly encouraged to do a semester of off-campus study or study abroad. Possible programs include the Oak Ridge Science Semester; many international opportunities include the possibility of taking upper-level physics courses.

  6. All Engineering Physics majors are encouraged to do an internship or independent research, often in the form of a paid summer REU.

  7. Students cannot major in both physics and engineering physics.

  8. Students interested in a 3-2 or 4-2 program should declare a major in physics as opposed to engineering physics.
  9. Students majoring in engineering physics may choose to receive the Bachelor of Science degree rather than the Bachelor of Arts degree by completing a minimum of 4 units in biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, and/or mathematics.

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