Business Management Major

The business management major is designed for students who want to understand how economic organizations function and who want to run economic organizations: for-profit firms, not-for-profit firms, and governmental organizations. The major has the analytical core of microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Graduates will be equipped to participate in the operation of all forms of economic organizations, to work in the financial services sector, to pursue professional programs, and/or to start their own businesses.

  1. Ten departmental units (6 of which must be Beloit College units):
    1. Economics 199, 211, 212, 251, 285, and 380.
    2. Business 216
    3. Three elective units chosen from Economics 202, 206, 210, 245, 270, 304, 306, Business 301, and 302.

Recommended courses for all Business Management majors: PRAX 202, Interdisciplinary Studies 313, Sociology 285, Philosophy 100, Mathematics 110.

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