Taman Azad

Meet Taman! He is an international freshman hailing from West Bengal, India.

A little bit about Taman: He is a huge movie buff and particularly, an avid appreciator of Christopher Nolan’s filmography. To indulge his comedic side, Taman loves to seek out sitcoms (Office is by far his favorite).

Unlike the typical social media enthusiast, you’ll find Taman navigating the professional landscape on LinkedIn, where he thrives on connecting with diverse individuals and exploring exciting opportunities.

Taman has a knack for building things, be it tangible structures or innovative ideas. Marketing is his playground, where he blends creativity and strategy to convey compelling messages. Recently, Taman has delved into the world of crochet (courtesy of his girlfriend), finding joy in the art of crafting with every stitch.

One of Taman’s cherished pastimes is immersing himself in the soulful melodies of Indian music from the 60s-70s, appreciating the timeless tunes that resonate with cultural richness.

Taman is thrilled to contribute to the Communications Team this semester and can’t wait to make our college experiences unforgettable.


Communications Team Member




Computer Science and Quantitative Economics





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