Career Path: Sports Management

Learn the Business Behind the Game


Sports management is becoming a popular career interest for many Beloit students. This career allows an individual to apply a strong foundation in business combined with an in-depth understanding of the sport industry.

There are a variety of fields in sports in which you can specialize in. For example, you can be involved with sports finance, law, management, game entertainment, sales, marketing, media services, graphic design, social media, and digital marketing.

Interpersonal, communication, technical, sales, organizational, adaptability, and the ability to collaborate are some of the skill sets required in sport management roles. 

Facts & Figures

Median annual salary for selected professions in sports management career
  Entry level
(0-12 month)
Early career (1-4 years) Mid career
(5-10 years)
(10-19 years)
Athletic Director $50,700 $51,880 $61,070 $71,910
Operation Managers (of sports facility) $50,820 $56,920 $64,840 $72,120

Data source:

How to Get Started

  1. Reach out to one of the following faculty or staff
  2. Minor in sports management (offered by the Business School); a business management major is recommended but not required.
  3. Network with alumni in sports management (faculty/staff listed above can help)
  4. Pursue internships in sports management (check Impact Beloit’s Concierge Internship Program; alumni network can also help) 
  5. Visit Career Works

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