Lawrence T. White

After earning a Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I taught at Beloit from 1984 to 2019. My favorite courses to teach were Social Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, and Psychology & Law. My students said — and I believe them! — that all three courses examined fascinating ideas and offered practical solutions to real-world problems.

The courses also coincided perfectly with my own research interests. Over the years, I’ve conducted and published studies on a variety of psycho-legal topics. I’ve also consulted on criminal cases and testified in court as an expert witness regarding the reliability of eyewitness identifications and the problem of police-induced false confessions.

My family and I love to travel, so it was great fun for us to introduce students to the delights of living overseas by leading study abroad programs to Australia, Estonia, and Morocco. In 2021, I authored an undergraduate textbook about culture and cognition titled Culture Conscious. I also write a research-based blog (about how culture shapes thought) for Psychology Today magazine.


Professor Emeritus of Psychology

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