[CRIS 236] Men’s Health

In this course we examine the disparities, conditions, and unique pathologies that define the parameters of contemporary male morbidity, mortality, and well-being. Beyond epidemiological data, our interdisciplinary investigation encompasses an empirical look at the biology and biochemistry of maleness, coupled with analysis of masculine identities and their past and present impacts on men’s general and sexual health. Male circumcision, the clinical or ritual cutting of the foreskin, is the backdrop for our exploration of men’s health. In addition to field trips and guest lectures spanning the spectrum of health, our journey culminates in a curated exhibit, research posters, and/or performance pieces that weave the phenomenon of male circumcision into the fabric of men’s health across time, cultures, and sexual identities.

Course Title

Men’s Health

Course Code

CRIS 236



Fulfills Requirements



Also listed as Health and Society 235.

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