[WRIT 100] Writing About Photography (5T,W)

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WRIT 100


Writing Program

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Writing About Photography

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Writing Seminar: Image and Text: Writing About Photography (1). This writing course explores the relationship between the photographic image and the written word, which we use as a topical framework for improving your writing skills for college-level work and beyond more generally. Students read and write critical analysis of the photographic medium, take their own photographs and write about them, and explore more creative aspects of putting words and images in play with each other as process and product. This course is a collaborative workshop format with a regular writing practice throughout the semester. May be taken only once if a grade of “C” or better is received; otherwise a second course may be taken under a different topic. (5T) Topics course. Offered each semester.

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TR 1:05PM-2:20PM

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