[CRIS 220] Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

This course examines the social processes that shape the construction of racial and ethnic hierarchies, dominant ideas, and relations in the U.S.The basic objectives of the course are to understand the following:1.00) major paradigms shaping how sociologists examine issues of race and ethnicity; 2) economic, political, and historical structures shaping the constructions of race and ethnicity in the U.S.; and 3) institutional structures and practices through which racial and ethnic hierarchies are produced and reproduced in the U.S.The course will explore the construction and reproduction of race and ethnicity in a variety of sectors including the labor market, education, housing, banking, sports, public policies, and wealth accumulation.

Course Title

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Course Code

CRIS 220




Prerequisite: Sociology 100 or 150, or consent of instructor.


Offered each year.


Also listed as Sociology 216.

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