[HIST 210] Fakes,Forgeries, & ‘Keepin’ it Real

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HIST 210



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Fakes, Forgeries, and ‘Keepin’ it Real?

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Selected Topics in Music: Fakes, Forgeries, and ‘Keepin’ it Real?: The Pursuit, Defense and Deconstruction of Authenticity (1). The purpose of this course is to examine how the loosely related concepts of “authentic,” “original,” “real”, “natural,” “pure” and even “human” are used as a powerful tool in the construction and protection of identity in the worlds of music, art, anthropology, museums, science, marketing, historical reenactments, language, and others. In particular, this class will examine how the idea of “authenticity” both originated and developed alongside histories of nationalism and colonialism, the developments in tourism, the expansion of global markets and the spread of capitalism as well as more recent challenges imposed by AI and cyborg technology. The class will include guest discussions led by various College faculty/staff and will challenge students to think more critically about all walks of life, their study of other courses and disciplines, their place in today’s world, and prepare them for studies or travel abroad. But the course is more than a preparatory study of history and theory. Rather, students will have the opportunity to explore how the concept of authenticity is constructed, enforced, and negotiated in “real world” contexts. Offered each semester. (Also listed as Critical Identity Studies 265 and Music 200.)

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MWF 2:50PM-3:50PM

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