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[CRIS 214] Race and Ethnicity in America

This course addresses the issues of race and ethnicity in American politics through two lenses: the crafting and implementation of domestic policies- such as welfare, education, and the criminal justice system- and the framing of political decisions. After an introduction to historical, sociological, and psychological approaches to the study of race and ethnicity, we apply these approaches to studies of American public policy. The course then transitions, examining the explicit and implicit racialization of political decisions. Throughout the course, students consider the role of institutional design, policy development, representation, and racial attitudes among the general public in shaping the American political environment.

Course Title

Race and Ethnicity in America

Course Code

CRIS 214



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisites: Political Science 110, 130, 160, or consent of the instructor.


Offered alternate fall terms.


Also listed as Political Science 214.

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