Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips ’05 returned home to Albuquerque, NM. to pursue her MFA in Dramatic Writing at the University of New Mexico. Early in graduate school, she started working with Tricklock Company, an Albuquerque-based professional theatre company that focuses heavily on international exchange and the development of new and original ensemble performance. She worked with Tricklock almost a decade donning the many different hats one must wear as a professional artist in a non-profits arts organization: actor, director, producer, educator, community outreach director, donor partnership coordinator, and even festival organizer.

A handful of years ago, Phillips started to feel like there was more out there for her to experience. Her personal creative output was very much inspired by the idea of bringing voice to women in our communities who had been silenced, and Tricklock’s work was heavily focused on direct community engagement through international exchange and the creation of new work. But while Phillips said her creative fire was fueled, she knew she wanted to advocate for her community on a more direct and personal level.

In the fall of 2016 she started at the University of New Mexico School of Law, where she continued to focus on direct advocacy to support underserved communities, in particular women and young people who are survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Phillips can trace this new accomplishment back to my Beloit roots.

Phillips swears, “My education at Beloit taught me to strive for more and better of myself and to be authentic at every step of that process. While the jump from a life in non-profit theatre to a life in the law may seem like a detour to some, to me it feels like a natural extension of what I learned about myself and about theatre while at Beloit: being an effective legal advocate is about connection and collaboration with people (check), the ability to convey a meaningful story in an impactful way (check), the ability to creatively problem-solve (check), and the ability to be a solid team player (check, check, check). I learned those skills at Beloit, continued to hone them with Tricklock, and will go forth to continue sharpening them in order to seek justice in my community. “

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