2024 Fall Semester Academic Calendar

Start End Title
Aug 16, Fri New international student move-in day
Aug 16, Fri Aug 20, Tue New International Student Orientation
Aug 21, Wed New domestic student move-in day
Aug 22, Thu Aug 25, Sun New Students Days orientation
Aug 23, Fri Aug 25, Sun Returning students move-in days
Aug 24, Sat Online registration, Porter Scholars
Aug 26, Mon Classes begin
Aug 26, Mon Aug 30, Fri First week of classes (online add/drop)
Aug 26, Mon, 4:30 p.m. Convocation
Aug 30, Fri Last day to add full-term or first-module course
Aug 30, Fri Last day to convert credit course to audit
Aug 30, Fri Last day to turn in Special Project contract for full-unit or first module
Aug 30, Fri All Fall full-time students must be at full time status
Sep 2, Mon Labor Day (no classes)
Sep 13, Fri Last day to drop first-module course
Sep 13, Fri Sep 15, Sun Beloiter Days: Homecoming, Reunion, and Family & Friends
Sep 17, Tue Constitution Day
Oct 11, Fri First module ends
Oct 12, Sat Oct 20, Sun Midterm break
Oct 21, Mon Full-Term courses continue and Second module begins
Oct 23, Wed Last day to drop full-term course
Oct 23, Wed Honors Term applications for Spring due
Oct 25, Fri Last day to add second-module course
Oct 29, Tue Nov 8, Fri Advising Period for Spring Registration
Nov 5, Tue Beloit and Beyond Conference (no classes)
Nov 8, Fri Last day to drop second-module course
Nov 12, Tue Nov 15, Fri Online registration for Spring
Nov 18, Mon Nov 22, Fri International Education Week
Nov 18, Mon Dec 6, Fri Spring online registration add/drop
Nov 28, Thu Dec 1, Sun Thanksgiving break
Dec 2, Mon Last day to cancel spring term residence hall contract without penalty
Dec 6, Fri Classes end
Dec 6, Fri Farewell ceremony for international exchange students
Dec 7, Sat Study day
Dec 8, Sun Study day
Dec 9, Mon Exam day
Dec 10, Tue Exam day
Dec 11, Wed Exam day
Dec 12, Thu Exam day
Dec 13, Fri, 5 p.m. Residence halls close for all students
Dec 16, Mon Final grades due