2024 Summer Term Academic Calendar

Start End Title
Apr 26, Fri Last day for Beloit College students to register for Summer Blocks courses
May 13, Mon Summer Term begins
May 13, Mon Summer Blocks classes begin
May 24, Fri Last day to drop Summer Blocks courses
Jun 5, Wed Summer Blocks classes end
Jun 15, Sat Center for Language Studies session 1 (CLS-1) arrival
Jun 16, Sun CLS-1 orientation
Jun 17, Mon CLS-1 begins
Jun 17, Mon Last day to add CLS-1 courses
Jun 19, Wed Juneteenth celebrated
Jun 19, Wed Last day to drop CLS-1 courses
Jun 28, Fri Last day to add PRAX 200, PRAX 201, Special Project, and other summer courses
Jul 4, Thu Independence Day
Jul 9, Tue CLS-1 classes end
Jul 10, Wed CLS-2 orientation
Jul 11, Thu CLS-2 classes begin
Jul 11, Thu Last day to add CLS-2 courses
Jul 15, Mon Last day to drop CLS-2 courses
Jul 19, Fri Last day to drop PRAX 200, PRAX 201, Special Projects, and other summer courses
Aug 2, Fri CLS-2 classes end
Aug 13, Tue Summer Term ends