Career Path: Public Health (MPH or DrPH)

Improving the health of entire communities.


A career in Public Health involves safeguarding and improving community well-being. MPH professionals focus on disease prevention, health promotion, and policy development. They analyze public health data, design interventions, and work in various sectors like epidemiology, environmental health, or health policy.

Facts & Figures

  • Median salary: $100,000-$480,000

How to Get Started

Talk to your Pre-Health Advisor.

Alumni Stories

The Americares Emergency Response team assesses a map of Ukraine and discusses potential points of distribution for medicines and medical supplies in Rzeszów, Poland, in March. Adam Keehn’80, director of complex humanitarian emergencies for Americares, is on the far right.

Addressing a health crisis in a war zone

Adam Keehn’80 and his team at Americares are bringing much-needed medicines and medical supplies to people in Ukraine.

Bobby Harris’08 is site director for an innovative center that provides shelter and care for people with Covid.

Meeting People Where They Are

Bobby Harris’08 is part of a diverse, multidisciplinary team serving Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens during the pandemic. He was drawn to public health as a way of fighting social injustice.


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