Career Path: Nursing (BSN)

“This is exactly what I’m meant to be doing with my life.” - Shanna Dell’10


Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) possess foundational patient care skills. They provide direct care, administer medication, and assist in treatment plans under supervision. Collaborating with healthcare teams, they work in diverse clinical settings like hospitals, clinics, or community health centers, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Facts & Figures

  • Median salary: $78,000

How to Get Started

Talk to your Pre-Health Advisor.

Alumni Stories

Shanna Dell’10 opted to take a clinical post during the pandemic so she could care for sick people the way she would want to be treated.

Fighting Covid on Multiple Fronts

Public health professional Shanna Dell’10 typically works with nurse-centered HIV pre-exposure prevention, but Covid has changed everything. In her new roles, she’s taking inspiration from fellow nurses who were working with HIV patients long before the disease’s transmission was understood.


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