November 13-19

International Education Week

Ojaswi Dhakal'25in the Granada, Spain.Ojaswi Dhakal’25 participated in the Granada, Spain Global Experience Seminar in summer 2022. “The history of Granada shows the possibility of how much better the world can be in terms of standing together and co-existing.”

Hello Beloiters! 

International Education Week

We are excited to celebrate International Education Week this week. Beloiters love being a part of a global community, welcoming students from 19 countries, studying international issues and languages, and traveling abroad. 

We are even more thrilled about International Education Week because a Beloiter helped start the nationwide program 20 years ago. David Levin’73 proposed the week through the U.S. Departments of State and Education to celebrate off-campus study and the presence of international students. The goal is to help sustain a global community that is secure, prosperous, and democratic.

During Beloit’s International Education Week, students can attend seminars to prepare for international travel and study, check out poetry readings, and more.

Course Registration

This week is also course registration for Spring 2024. Students will progressively register for courses each day between Nov. 14-17. Following the initial registration, students can add or drop Fall 2024 courses from Nov. 20 - Dec. 8. More information is available from the Registrar.


Point of No Return: Speaking out for democracy and freedom

Anastasia Voronovsky'21 uses a megaphone in an urban setting.

Anastasia Voronovsky’21 grew up in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but as an international student on Beloit’s campus, she gained a new perspective on her home country and grappled with what she learned.

Upcoming Events


Two new schools create opportunities

The School of Health Sciences and the School of Business, Economics, and Entrepreneurship have officially launched. Students are encouraged to explore what the schools offer. Additional schools are being developed, as the college continues to invest in helping students navigate from college to career.

2024 Courses and Registration

Spring 2024 course listings are now available via the Portal, and online registration will occur Tuesday, Nov. 14 through Friday, Nov. 17.

Update guardian/parent contact information

Students: Please update the contact information for your parents and guardians. The form is available on the Portal, under the Student Life section. Please make your revisions no later than Friday, Nov. 17. Thank you!

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