[COGS 241] Minds, Brains, and Bodies

The human mind may be the last great mystery of the physical world: the thing that sets us apart from other animals and seems to defy physical law. In fact, consciousness holds the special title of “The Hard Problem.” Traditional philosophy of mind examines the mind-body problem, usually as it has been conceived and explored through analytic philosophy. This course looks at those texts that have defined and shaped the field historically, while including texts from other philosophical traditions that have only recently changed how the mind-body problem is understood. These include texts from phenomenologists, pragmatists, and linguists, among others. We survey many authors and perspectives, while remaining grounded in the classical texts of the field.

Course Title

Minds, Brains, and Bodies

Course Code

COGS 241



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Philosophy 110 or 115.


Offered even years, spring semester.


Also listed as Philosophy 241.

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