Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics

The aim of the department is to offer a diversified program in varsity athletics, intramural sports, and recreational opportunities. The department encourages students to attain levels of skill and conditioning commensurate with their potential both as undergraduates and in later life. Information about varsity athletics, recreational sports, and intramural sports is available at the Beloit College Sports Center.

Intercollegiate Athletics courses

(no credit)


  • PEM 200. Basketball
  • PEM 203. Baseball
  • PEM 204. Cross Country
  • PEM 208. Football
  • PEM 214. Lacrosse
  • PEM 219. Track and Field
  • PEM 222. Soccer
  • PEM 226. Swimming and Diving


  • PEW 201. Basketball
  • PEW 205. Cross Country
  • PEW 215. Lacrosse
  • PEW 220. Track and Field
  • PEW 221. Soccer
  • PEW 223. Softball
  • PEW 227. Swimming and Diving
  • PEW 234. Volleyball


Special Academic Program

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