Global Experience Office (GEO)

The Global Experience Office (GEO) provides immersive and global learning through a number of programs, including study abroad, domestic study away, co-curricular activities, summer academic programs, and pre-college and post-college programs.

International co-curricular activities are intended to involve the broad campus community in international education and to enable students to participate in activities both as observers and actors. Thus, at times, students are taught, while at others, they do the teaching. Examples of current co-curricular activities promoting international education including the Weissberg Program in Human Rights and Social Justice, International Education Week, and student initiatives.

The Center for Language Studies (CLS) offers a rare summer opportunity for intensive beginning, intermediate, or advanced study of critical languages under the close supervision of an expert language team.

The Global Experience Office is located in Pearsons Hall on the first floor. The Global Experience Committee serves as an advisory group to the office.

Global Experience courses are recorded using SAB (international courses) and OFFC (domestic courses) prefixes.


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