[THDA 250] “I AM”: Performing Hip Hop (2A)

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THDA 250


Theatre and Dance

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“I AM”: Performing Hip Hop Within the Self

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This course explores the ways Hip Hop is performed in everyday life. Though emphasis is on Hip Hop as arguably the most significant cultural and aesthetic movement of post-civil rights America, this course encourages each student to explore their individually evolving self, using Hip Hop as a source of reference and performance. This course will construct a space for critical thinking and writing, experimentation, collaboration, and devising self-reflexivity towards Hip Hop Theatre. Coursework includes reading/viewing Hip Hop plays, discussion, and performance exercises towards devised writing and performance of the self. Surveying iconic identities in Hip Hop music and culture and studying visual and performance aesthetics will influence the process as each student will participate in determining a final performance for the class. (2A) (Also listed as CRIS 266.) Offered occasionally. Prerequisite: varies with topic. The un-domained version of this course is listed as Theatre and Dance 251; 5T-domained version is Theatre and Dance 253.

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TR 2:00 PM-3:45 PM

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