[BIOL 372] Ecology

An investigation of the study of interactions among organisms and interactions between organisms and the nonliving environment. Ecologists study these interactions to understand the patterns of organism abundance and distribution of organisms that occur in different ecosystems. In this course, students examine these interactions at the population, community, ecosystem, and landscape levels through classroom, field, and laboratory activities. Contemporary questions about sustainability, biological diversity, and global change will be examined at each of these levels using quantitative methods. Students design, perform, analyze, and report on a major research project. Three lecture-discussion class periods and one laboratory period per week.

Course Title


Course Code

BIOL 372



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, 2 college-level biology courses and a statistics course [Biology 247, Mathematics 106, Anthropology 240, Psychology 162, or Sociology 205], or consent of instructor.


Offered every other year.

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