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[BIOL 340] Neuroscience

A structure/function-based analysis of the nervous system from molecules to systems. The course will investigate cellular neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurotransmission, and sensory and motor systems organization to understand information integration within the nervous system. Laboratory exercises may include anatomy, physiological measurements of neural conduction, cell biology techniques, dissection, and experiments with mice. Students improve their understanding of a specific topic of neuroscience by working in small groups to conduct and present a research project.

Course Title


Course Code

BIOL 340


.50, 1.00

Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Biology 247 or another statistics course, Chemistry 117, and at least 1 of the following courses: Biology 237, 256, 260, 289, 300, 345, 357, Chemistry 260, 300, or consent of instructor.


Offered occasionally.

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