Daniel Barolsky

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor of Music where I teach courses on music history and theory as well as courses on Music and Psychology and the history of sound technologies, a.k.a. “Disembodied Sounds.” I played the double bass and piano growing up in Charlottesville, Va but, after a few years working in the record industry, realized that I didn’t really like to practice but loved to listen and respond to what I heard. This love has led to my current research on the histories and analyses of performers as well as on music history/theory pedagogy. One of my proudest accomplishments during my time at Beloit has been the co-founding of Open Access Musicology, a resource aimed to bridge relevant scholarship in music with current pedagogical practices in a manner that is accessible (free!) and accessibly written for undergraduate readers.

Since coming to Beloit in 2008, I have had the opportunity to help shape the music curriculum in order to make it accessible to students of all abilities and interests. It has been a stimulating challenge to change what I teach and how I teach, given how many traditions I often confront. But the reward has been immense, especially when I can help give students the opportunity to pursue their own musical passions.

My life outside of Beloit consists of keeping up with multiple children, animals, while also keeping as involved in the community as possible.

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