Courses Taught

CHEM 117: Introductory Chemistry

CHEM 150: Nanochemistry

CHEM 220: Environmental, Analytical, and Geochemistry

CHEM 250: Chemistry of Color: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Corbin Livingston

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

 Pronouns: she/her  Email:  Phone: 608-363-2129  Office: Room 416, Sanger Center for the Sciences

I’ve been at Beloit College since 2023. My main division of chemistry is inorganic chemistry. I also teach analytical and general chemistry. I am the department representative for the School of the Environment and Sustainability. I advise students in all of the chemistry and biochemistry majors.

I completed my PhD at Michigan State University in 2021 where I studied the effects of surface modification on surface fluidity. This work lives at the intersection of inorganic, analytical, and environmental chemistry. During graduate school, I also completed a chemistry education research fellowship where I studied the teaching practices of undergraduate teaching assistants.

My scholarship now focuses on curriculum development with a focus on equity. Chemistry specifically includes a history of oppression against marginalized groups. Incorporating DEI conversations often and throughout all courses is necessary for developing empathetic scientists. The chemistry lab offers a good setting for this work. My scholarship focuses on two facets: using real-world science as a foundation of discussion and highlighting the work of scientists from historically marginalized groups. I often collaborate with students in the research space. My research mentees have the opportunity to work broadly, from education research to lab work. The research my students work on is driven by their interests.

I am a steadfast proponent of the liberal arts education. I received a Bachelor of Arts from Albion College in Chemistry and Music. I believe a well-rounded education that pushes students to think in new and critical ways is paramount for personal growth and success.

Outside of work, I enjoy knitting, succumbing to the whims of my dog, throwing pottery and working with stained glass, reading, and traveling with my partner.

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