Beloit Mixed Media

Aiming to have a strong media presence with the objective of portraying unique stories and experiences at Beloit College.


Beloit college consists of students from all over the world with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Through our media club, we will provide an opportunity for international and domestic students to share their diverse cultures and experiences. With this initiative, we hope to promote inclusivity on campus. Moreover, we aspire to start a podcast where prospective students can ask questions about academic and student life, and also, current students would share their personal journey to Beloit College.

We aim to showcase the various departments here at Beloit such as how Career Works helps students get internships and jobs, how Career Channels allows students to learn about opportunities regarding their interests, introduce our great professors from all academics departments, introduce the clubs, and give a complete tour of the rooms and lounges in the residence halls to prospective and current students.

Furthermore, we are also planning to build a platform for current students to showcase their personal and special projects.


Position Name
Student Faiq Ahmad
Advisor TBD

Last modified

Dec. 11th, 2023 at 1:06pm

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