Discovering Antibiotic Producers in Local Water and Soil Samples

New antibiotics have not been discovered for over 30 years and the healthcare system needs to find treatments for rogue bacteria. The best place to find new antibiotics is in the environment, since microbes produce antibiotics to protect themselves from neighboring bacteria. This study will map out strategic locations around campus and aquatic areas across Beloit to collect microbial samples and screen for antibiotic producers. The experiments will follow the Tiny Earth soil project design for the novel use of local water sources. We will collect microbes in the environment, grow bacterial cultures, screen for antibiotic production, and characterize bacteria through sequencing and metabolic tests. This is your summer opportunity to discover a solution to a major healthcare crisis.

Focus Areas


Project Duration

8 weeks (06/05/23 - 07/28/23)

Prerequisite Courses

BIOL 208: Microbiology

Preferred Courses


Number of Positions


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