• PhD (in progress) in French, University of Wisconsin-Madison

• Masters in French and Francophone literature, University of Cincinnati, Ohio

• Bachelor’s, University of Dschang, West Cameroon

Metycia Bengmo

Teaching Fellow in MLL

 Email:  Office: Office 1C, World Affairs Center

Metycia Bengmo holds a Masters in French and Francophone literature from the University of Cincinnati Ohio and is currently working on her PhD in French at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has a minor in film and media studies. Her research interests include: Twentieth century literature, Postcolonial literature, contemporary sub-Saharan literature, Francophone Film studies and translation studies.

Her research focusses on reading the transformation of migrant young women through textual and visual media who migrate from sub-Sahara to Europe in postcolonial and contemporary era. Her teaching philosophy is student centered and aims in helping the student to communicate not only in the classroom, but also to connect with the world outside of the classroom.

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