• PhD, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania (2020)
  • MA, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania (2017)
  • BA, Political Science and Economics, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2013)

Courses Taught

  • U.S. Federal Government and Politics
  • Intro to Political Thinking
  • Environmental Political Thought
  • Property, Law, Environment

Research Interests

  • Environmental Political Theory
  • U.S. Political Thought
  • Agrarianism and Populism
  • Property Rights and Law
  • Aldo Leopold
  • Wendell Berry


  • Koutnik, Gregory. 2021. “Ecological Populism: Politics in Defense of Home.” New Political Science, 43.1 (Spring 2021), 46-66.
  • Koutnik, Gregory. 2020. “This Land Is Our Land: The Struggle for a New Commonwealth, by Jedediah Purdy.” American Political Thought, 9.3 (Summer 2020), 489-493.
  • Koutnik, Gregory. 2020. “Aldo Leopold and the Stewardship Vocation: A Civic Education in Ecological Perception.” American Political Thought, 9.2 (Spring 2020), 235-263.

Gregory Koutnik

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science

 Pronouns: he/him/his  Email:  Phone: 608-363-2813  Office: Room 111, Morse-Ingersoll Hall
Greg Koutnik enjoys cultivating open, engaged, and critical discussions in his seminars to help students come to a better understanding of their own political perspectives as well as those of others.

This coming fall, Greg will offer introductory courses in political theory and U.S. politics as well as a seminar course in U.S. political thought.

Professor Koutnik’s research focuses on environmental political theory and U.S. political thought with an eye to questions of environmental stewardship, property rights, and human belonging in the landscape. His research focuses especially on conservationist and agrarian environmentalists like Aldo Leopold and Wendell Berry and the possibilities of an ecological populism.

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