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Writing Place

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Our course will explore the way that place shapes writing—and the way that writing shapes place. How can stories, memoirs, and essays help us build more inclusive and just places? How can writing help us feel at home in our shared world? We’ll start close to home, thinking about both where you come from and Beloit as a place you will call home. And we’ll expand our frame, to think about how writers around the globe tell the stories of the places they love—and use their writing to contest the history of racism and colonialism that have shaped those places. Throughout the term, members of this writing-intensive class will build confidence constructing arguments, revising their writing, conducting research, giving oral presentations, and building bridges between academic disciplines. Expect to write over 20 pages in a range of genres, including short essays, personal reflections, research papers, and informal writing exercises. You will also collaborate with your peers to polish your writing—and meet with me to work one-on-one to build your skills.

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MWF 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

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