[WRIT 100] Writing, Film, and Time Loops

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WRIT 100


Writing Program

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Writing, Film, and Time Loops

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Hollywood’s longstanding interest in time travel generally and “time loop” narrative film structures in particular poses a range of topics we will explore to develop students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing skills for college-level work more broadly. Our focus is on the proliferation of time loop devices in the past decade, with connections to a variety of film genres, such as sci-fi, rom-com, and detective story (as well as their use in social media and gaming). We explore a range of questions about time, personal relationships, mortality, free will, etc., as well as how these films pose composition issues related to the writing process, the elements of effective writing outcomes, and engaging with the work of others in your own writing. Sample movies: Memento, Groundhog Day, Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow, Arrival, Palm Springs, Tenet. May be taken only once if a grade of “C” or better is received; otherwise a second course may be taken under a different topic. (5T)

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TR 1:05 PM-2:20 PM

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