[EDYS 276] Ecology, Development & Educucation

Course Code

EDYS 276


Education and Youth Studies

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Ecology, Development, and Education

Description Override

This seminar explores the interconnections between ecology, development, and education. Drawing on theories and practices from the West and the East, and the ancient and the contemporary, we examine key concepts such as sustainability, ecology, modernity, and development from interdisciplinary and international perspectives. We also discuss the possibility to foster a new philosophy of sustainable development, one that marries scientific understanding of ecology and development with a renewed appreciation for traditional cultural values. Ecology is defined in both physical and metaphorical terms, including both natural and social ecosystems. We discuss three agendas on ecology: 1) on modern conservation policies and practices; 2) on the changing ecology of local and global community associated with modern industrial life; and 3) on human ecology, specifically in the field of education. The course will examine a few case studies, both at the global and the local levels, and students will have opportunities to explore the ecological agendas in the local community of Beloit and especially on Beloit campus, as their term project.

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TR 2:00 PM-3:45 PM

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