[CRIS 141] Psychological Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies

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CRIS 141


Critical Identity Studies

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Psychological Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies

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An exploration of learning, motivation, and creativity across the lifespan, with a focus on childhood and adolescence. Students are exposed to a variety of psychological frameworks on the lives of youth and adults across many settings; including school, family, community, peer group, work settings, mental health and correctional institutions, etc. Students learn to understand the evidence-based methodologies, quantitative and qualitative, used by psychologists, and are encouraged to use these methods in their own analyses. We employ alternative/artistic forms of representation such as music, creative writing, and audio and video, to explore and represent their own psychological experience. Students are responsible for collaboratively generating alternative assessment strategies that combine critical thinking and creative expression. (3B) Offered each fall and alternate spring terms.

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MWF 1:35 PM-2:35 PM

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