Megan McQuillan

Megan McQuillan ’99 is a film and television actor in New York. After graduation from Beloit, she worked at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis for two seasons and then got her MFA in Acting from the University of Washington Seattle. She moved to New York after grad school and was lucky to do a season with The Acting Company. She worked onstage in downtown theater and doing commercials before transitioning to film and television. Recently she guest starred on Law & Order: SVU and can be seen in the upcoming season of David Fincher’s Mindhunter on Netflix and on AMC’s Nos4atu premiering this spring.

Megan adds, “Beloit gave me the opportunity to perform in so many different genres and performance styles. I was able to create characters in a supportive environment, guided by professors who knew me and cared about my growth and trajectory. Beloit gave me the academic confidence to pursue my MFA. I am thankful that I chose to get a solid education in all aspects of acting, theater and theater history. My Beloit education has served me so well my entire career.”

  • Meg McQuillan

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