[ANTH 330] Paleopathology

Paleopathology is the study of disease in the past, combining method and theory from archaeology, medicine, and bioanthropology to enhance understanding of human health and well-being. In this course, disease will be discussed in its many facets, with particular emphasis on how pathological conditions manifest in skeletal tissue and a central focus on the cultural, biological, and evolutionary characteristics of past and present human health. We will discuss a range of topics, from congenital and infectious diseases to degenerative conditions and traumatic injury, to comprehend the major debates, key knowledge, and theoretical perspectives of paleopathology as an anthropological discipline. Readings, lectures, discussions, presentations, activities, and papers will allow students to examine multiple aspects of human disease and integrate their own interest into a final research project.

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ANTH 330




Prerequisites: Anthropology 120; Anthropology 230 or Biology 256.


Also listed as Health and Society 330.
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