[ANTH 321] Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology is an applied subfield within the discipline of anthropology and is most reliant on the knowledge, theories, methods, and techniques of the subdisciplines of biological anthropology and archaeology. Osteological and archaeological techniques aid in the location of human remains and associated evidence, recovery of all remains and physical evidence from a scene, and the analysis and interpretation of the scene context and recovered remains in order to reconstruct the events that occurred on-scene, and contribute information that may lead to personal identification and determination of cause and manner of death. Once identified as human, the determination of age-at-death, sex, stature, ancestry, and any other characteristics that may lead to a positive identification. Determination of cause and manner of death is based upon the interpretation of skeletal trauma and/or disease processes. This course explores the role and contribution of forensic anthropologists in death investigation.

Course Title

Forensic Anthropology

Course Code

ANTH 321



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: Anthropology 230 or consent of instructor.
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