[ANTH 310] Objects, Technologies, and Stuff: Approaches to Material Culture

Material culture studies focus on the forms, uses, and meaning of objects, images, and environments in everyday life. Once primarily the domain of archaeology, material culture is now central in many fields of study. This course examines how the intersections of different interests and approaches influence the ways anthropologists understand the tangible products of human behavior, including how objects went from being passive residues of economic behavior to dynamic social actors. Through readings, discussions, hands-on engagements, and individual research, students will appreciate the major theoretical and methodological shifts surrounding such topics as object production, consumption, identity, social agency, and technological choice.

Course Title

Objects, Technologies, and Stuff: Approaches to Material Culture

Course Code

ANTH 310




Prerequisites, junior or senior standing; and either Anthropology 201 or Museum Studies 275.


Offered occasionally.


Also listed as Museum Studies 310.

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