[ANTH 309] Anthropology of Consumer Society

In this course, we critically examine consumerism around the world and its impact on culture, politics, identity, and place. We explore how even the most mundane activities- shopping, eating, driving, reading, etc- have increasingly become reorganized through capitalist-style consumption. Utilizing materials from anthropology as well as other disciplines- e.g. sociology, gender studies, cultural studies- we examine how consumption has had a dramatic effect on society and culture over the last century. Some of the topics we explore are: bottled water, romance novels, gated communities, second-hand clothing markets, national cuisine in Belize, children’s consumer choices, shopping malls, and post-industrial flanerie.

Course Title

Anthropology of Consumer Society

Course Code

ANTH 309



Fulfills Requirements



Prerequisite: Anthropology 100 or Critical Identity Studies 165 or Sociology 100.


Also listed as Critical Identity Studies 209.

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