[ANTH 262] Medical Anthropology

This course explores the biocultural basis of health and disease in a cross-cultural perspective. We use the concept of adaptation as a means to evaluate the biological and cultural components of health and disease. We will focus on both applied and basic research interests in medical anthropology. Topics to be covered include: the relationship between diet and health, the biology of poverty, gene-infectious disease-environment interactions, the epidemiological transition, the relationship between health beliefs and health behaviors, indigenous vs. Western medical practices, and the role of medical practitioners and their patients in various medical systems.

Course Title

Medical Anthropology

Course Code

ANTH 262



Fulfills Domain/Capstone Requirements



Prerequisite: Anthropology 100 or 120, plus 1 course from biology, psychology, or an additional anthropology course; or consent of instructor.


Offered each fall.

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