Lisl Walsh

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

Transfer AMP Advisor

I am a Classicist, and I teach in the Greek, Latin, and ancient Mediterranean Studies (GLAM) department. As someone who studies and teaches the languages, literatures, and cultures of people who lived around the Mediterranean sea 2000-3000 years ago (including, but not limited to, the ancient Greeks and Romans), I really appreciate how this ancient material helps me to see our present moment from a different perspective and to ask different questions about how present and future humans “can” or “should” exist in the world. Also as a Classicist, I see it as part of my professional and personal responsibility both to acknowledge and to work against the racism, colonialism, ableism, and toxic masculinity that has been justified by the historical (mis)use and biased interpretation of these cultures.

I thrive in my teaching and mentoring at Beloit because I appreciate getting to know my students as “whole people,” and I feel privileged when I can help my students figure out what kind of future they want for themselves and their communities, what their values are, and how to start building that future in a relatively low-stress way while they are at Beloit. In and out of class, I love learning from and with my students, and it is a credit to Beloit students that I’ve never gone home without having thought or learned something new during the day.

I currently live in Madison, WI with my partner and three cats. At home, I love to read/listen to thriller novels (in Italian, to keep up my language skills), build stuff with power tools, craft, sew, babysit monarch butterfly caterpillars (in summertime), binge-watch good tv shows, and putter around my garden. Whether it’s because of covid stress or not, I don’t know, but these days I am often doing more than one of the above at the same time.

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