Microbial biome sequencing in archaeological human remains

Current biomedical research is continuing to explore how our microbiome impacts varied aspects of our health. In this study, we will be exploring the connection between the oral microbiome and pathogenic bacteria in human remains that come from an archaeological context. One question we will be attempting to answer is whether a normal microbiome within the dental calculus is statistically related to whether or not the individual has a pathogen present. This can aid biomedical research by furthering the understanding of how our oral microbiome interacts with potential pathogens. This project will involve extracting DNA and preparing samples for DNA sequencing and may require some travel to and from Milwaukee together.

Focus Areas


Project Duration

8 weeks (June 6-July29)

Prerequisite Courses

BIOL 208: Microbiology and BIOL 289: Genetics

Preferred Courses

ANTH 230: Human osteology

Number of Positions


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