Gregory Buchanan

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor in the Psychology Department and I also teach in the Health and Society Program. I am trained as a clinical psychologist and have specialties in college mental health, the treatment of domestic violence offenders, and psychological testing. Much of my teaching at the college is in the area of abnormal psychology, including courses in psychological disorders and psychotherapy. I am especially interested in the biological and cognitive models of psychopathology, though my training was in psychodynamic psychotherapy and I have a huge soft-spot for Melanie Klein and her theory of object relations.

I grew up in a country town in Australia so when I started at Beloit College in 1999, it felt like a homecoming of sorts, except the country-side here is cows and corn instead of the sheep and wheat of home. I really like the feel of the city, small though it may be, and especially how our beautiful campus is located next to the city’s ever more vibrant downtown area. The feeling of closeness extends to relationships of course, and that is Beloit College’s specialty. With small class sizes and open-door offices across from classrooms my days are full of interactions with students – teaching, advising, and yes, a lot of just chatting. As your AMP advisor, I am really looking forward to starting a conversation with you and doing whatever I can to mentor you on this awesome journey you’re about to begin.

When not working I like to grow tulips, cook ridiculous amounts of food, often experimenting with new recipes, watching cat videos, and solving crosswords.

  • Gregory Buchanan

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