Kate Linnenberg

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I am a professor in the Department of Sociology, and I teach classes that also count for majors in the Health & Society and Critical Identity Studies Programs as well. My current research focuses on understanding what students gain from experiential and community-based learning. The work looks both at how students develop at the time of the course and at how they frame the experience years later. Did the experience affect their career path? Do they continue to use the skills that they learned as undergraduates once they are in the work world? Does this vary across demographic characteristics?

What I love most about Beloit College students is their genuine love for learning. I enjoy mentoring students as they work on independent studies and conduct internships. Some of my favorite experiences at Beloit involve getting to know students both in and out of the classroom. This can happen during office hours, but it also occurs when classes come to my house for dinner, or when I see a student dance in a recital or play soccer or give a presentation at Beloit and Beyond Day, or when a student helps me code interview data for a research project I’m working on.

Outside of the classroom, I relax by spending time reading books for pleasure, cooking, and going for walks. I also love to watch movies/TV with my husband and our orange tabby, Thomas.

Know that I am on your team, and that means I will work to help you figure out your path and achieve your dreams at Beloit College and beyond!

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