Laura Grube

Academic Specialties and Other Interests

I’m a professor in the Department of Economics and Business, and I teach a range of courses, from Principles of Economics to Comparative Economic Systems to Business Management. My research has focused on how communities engage in collective action and form strategies to rebuild and recover following natural disaster. More recently, I have studied efforts to promote homeownership, improve the housing stock, and revitalize neighborhoods in Beloit. I like to include my research and information about Beloit (the City) in my courses so that students can also learn about their new home.

In addition to teaching, I organize our department’s annual alumni networking event, called “Econ Day” and advise our student-run market research group, Belmark Associates. I’m the faculty sponsor of the Business and Entrepreneurship Channel. At Beloit, faculty and staff spend a lot of time not only creating courses, but also co-curricular opportunities that provide students with hands-on research experience, help students hone their professional materials (e.g. resume), and explore internships and jobs. One reason that I enjoy taking part in all of these other programs is that they are another opportunity to advise and mentor students. I love meeting students their first semester at Beloit, having them in class, working with them as part of a club or organization, watching them take on new challenges, and then supporting them as they figure out what’s next. I’m excited to meet you and help you navigate your time at Beloit!

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