Honors Term

A limited number of Honors Term Scholar Awards and Honors Term Service Awards are available to outstanding students who would like to continue their study at Beloit College for an additional term beyond graduation. Students who are selected will receive full tuition remission in exchange for undertaking a project that contributes significantly to the academic and/or co-curricular programs of the College and simultaneously furthers their own academic or professional development toward life after Beloit. Students must have completed at least eight semesters of full-time enrollment at Beloit College to be eligible for an Honors Term. Eligibility for students who were admitted as transfer students must be comparable to eight semesters of full-time enrollment. Honors Terms are only available in the semester that immediately follows graduation. Honors Term students must live in campus housing, contract for a board plan, and are responsible for the full cost of room, board, and fees.

Honors Term Scholar Awards may be given for projects that involve academic research, Honors Term Scholar Awards may be given for projects that involve academic research, educational research or program development. Honors Term Service Awards may be given for service to the College, service to the community, or a combination of these. All applications should state clearly the major emphasis of the proposed honors project and align with the strategic goals of the college.

Applicants must have a strong record at Beloit College, which includes

  1. good academic standing, with a minimum 3.200 cumulative grade point average required for a Scholar Award
  2. active participation in one or more departments or disciplines
  3. a curricular or co-curricular record that demonstrates the ability to organize, manage, and complete an honors term project independently
  4. a strong record with respect to the background required for the proposed project: for example, honors term service projects that include service to a local community organization or effort must be supported by a history of involvement with that, or a closely related organization. Similar demonstrated background is expected for other types of service to the College or to departments within the College.


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