Career Path: Marketing

“Consumer products are essentially the same. My job is convince people there is a difference.” - Martin Dieterich’07


Marketing is a field that aims to mold the image of a company, person, or product. There are many careers within marketing, including public relations, brand management, and advertising. Each of these jobs is unique, but all of them involve using research, developing creative communication strategies, and utilizing new technologies to reach a goal.

Facts & Figures

Figures taken from GlassDoor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Number of Jobs in 2020: 316,800
  • Job outlook: 10% (2020-2030)
  • Starting salary: $74,516/yr
  • Mid-career salary: $74,464/yr
  • Typical Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Soft Skills

  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Productive Collaboration
  • Flexibility & Ability to Learn Quickly
  • Attention to Detail

How to Get Started

Alumni Stories

Go, Beloiters!

Intrigued with consumer behaviour and marketing

As Thu-Pham kickstarts her dream of working in the marketing field from Beloit, she walks us through her journey of getting her career started in 2012 when nobody knew what digital marketing really was!

Go, Bucs!!!

From the affection for learning languages to professional marketing

As Sian explores her passion for soccer, the Chinese language, and studying abroad, she takes us on her journey from Beloit to Hongkong to a full-time job at the leading manufacturing company for food and beverage.


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