Aaditya Joshi


India, Mumbai



Expected graduation year


Academic interests

Business Economics and Biochemistry.

Fun fact about me

I love meeting and engaging with new people. I’m a Home Baker and own a small business. Also, I’m fond of learning new things and listen to music.

Languages I speak

English/Hindi/Marathi/Marwari/French (A2)

Why I chose Beloit

The moment when I got admitted to Beloit was a cherry on cake for me because I’ve never thought that I can ever go to a Liberal arts college. Anyways, I personally chose Beloit because of its huge, unique, and commendable community. So curious and excited to attend Beloit this fall. I’ve planned to double major in Economics and Biochem. Also, eagerly want to explore Beloit College and want to meet my fellow classmates and build connections with them. #AadityaForBeloit

Favorite color

Black and Blue.

Campus clubs/groups I'm interested in

Feminist and Environment-related clubs.

Favorite hobbies/sports

Reading, Swimming, Roller Skating, and obviously cooking.

My social media

Instagram Handle: _aadi_joshi5263

Snapchat Handle: aadi_joshi5263

Email: joshia@beloit.edu

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