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[WRIT 100] Writing Seminar: Writing Well(ness)

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WRIT 100


Writing Program

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Writing Seminar: Writing Well(ness)

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This course explores the relationship between writing well and the topic of wellness. We examine ideas about what “good writing” looks like and strategies students can use in their writing process to generate it, as well as how contemporary concepts and claims about wellness and “well-being” in our lives more generally provide useful points of reference as working college writers.

In this way, the course seeks to develop your college-level writing skills and to engage with your “whole student” experience at Beloit College–managing your time and being productive, having fun and taking care of yourself, and clarifying and achieving your goals. We focus primarily on academic expository writing, but students also engage in informal and creative work, as well as select a wellness-related activity to practice during the semester.

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TR 1:05 PM-2:20 PM

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