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[WRIT 100] Writing Seminar: Utopia, or “The Good Place”

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WRIT 100


Writing Program

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Writing Seminar: Utopia, or “The Good Place”

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Since 1516, “utopia” has meant both a “good place” and “no place”—an impossible place. With this concern as its starting point, our course will explore the limits and challenges of visionary thought in a wide range of sources, including fiction, poetry, philosophy, visual media, and cultural criticism. Along the way, we will focus on the explosion of utopian and dystopian thought in recent public discourse, in television (“The Good Place”), in historical texts, and in science fiction.

Throughout the term, members of this writing-intensive class will gain experience constructing verbal and written arguments, revising written work, working with sources, presenting oral material, and drawing connections between academic disciplines. They will write over twenty pages, including short essays, film/media reviews, and many informal writing exercises.

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MWF 8:45 AM-9:45 AM

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