[THDA 250] Divas: Adding Women to the Theatre Canon

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THDA 250


Theatre and Dance

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Divas: Adding Women to the Theatre Canon

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The names of women who made important contributions to theatre are buried deep within archives around the world. Sometimes they never made it to the archives, and the discovery of a woman’s contribution to theatre comes from an oral history and snapshots retrieved from the back of a closet.

Who was Doris Clare Zinkeisen or Gladys Edith Mabel Calthrop? How does it change our understanding of the discipline if Adunni Oluwole’s work is recognized as the first guerilla theatre?

he assumption has been that guerilla theatre was an American invention by Ronald Guy Davis: but actually, one woman started it on the streets of Ibadan, Nigeria. This course examines the “historical facts” of theatre and asks, “Who else was trying this? And where was it being tried? How are these histories uncovered and traced?”

These questions will lead us to discover the significant contributions women playwrights, performers, designers, and directors have made to global theatre. The course delves into the biographies, achievements, and the socio-political and cultural pressures women have faced as theatre artists.

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